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Meet Erick

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Erick is running for Iowa House to represent the people of Jasper County and ensure no voice is
left unheard. He believes Jasper County needs sustainable solutions to today’s challenges, not
politically convenient options that are costly to the people. He’s fighting for strong public schools,
responsible health care access and protections, clean energy solutions, and above all else,
protecting voting rights and preserving our democracy.

Erick is an Iowa Native, born and raised in Iowa City. He attended UNI where he graduated with a
degree in Physics Education. In 2009 he relocated to Newton, his wife’s hometown, where they
currently reside with their three young sons.


Professionally, Erick worked for over a decade as an engineer before starting his own small
business, Han Consulting LLC, specializing in energy efficiency. He also coaches girls tennis at
Newton High School and sings in the choir at First Presbyterian Church. Erick’s wife, Tara is a
career educator who is currently the Principal at WEST Academy in Newton.

Erick's priorities

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the people of jasper county

"People over politics" is a mantra of critical importance.  Regardless of my personal ideologies, the People of Jasper County must come first - all decisions should be made with their best interests in mind.  I believe deeply in public service and the importance of faithfully representing my district.  Our politics have become so partisan and our representatives so radical that we are losing the thread: our duty to responsibly govern.  We must fight radicalism with common sense and strive for sustainable solutions, not politically expedient ones.

Vote Boxes


Protecting our voting rights is critical here in Iowa and across the country. We need to pass laws in the legislature that keep our elections safe and secure and make it easier for Iowans to vote, not harder.  Elections are one of the last bulwarks of power held by the people, and we must protect them at all costs.  We need our elected officials to advocate for the needs of their district and not the desires of the wealthy & powerful, and free & fair elections are a critical tool to that end.



Public schools are foundational to the promise of America. Especially here in our state, as Iowa used to be synonymous with great public education.  Iowa's public schools prepare our students for their future in a 21st-century economy and provide opportunities for Iowans of all backgrounds. "School choice" or taxpayer dollars used to send select kids to private schools is unconscionable and spells disaster for the fabric of our education system.  Also... teachers are heroes that are underappreciated and underpaid.  We should be alleviating issues keeping them from being more effective, not adding undue burden.

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Global conflicts only heighten the importance of US energy independence.  Renewable energy is the future and massive business opportunities are available to those who get there first.  Green manufacturing is just one example of incredible job and economic opportunity, with the added benefit of helping to curb our ever-worsening climate crisis.  The 2020's are the decade that will decide the fate of our environment, and we need to remember how much we depend on its stability when we make economic and policy decisions.

Blood Pressure


Expanding healthcare access and mental health services across Iowa is vital to the health of our rural communities, just like those here in Jasper County. We need to work at the state legislature to support measures that help keep our rural hospitals open and don't require Iowans to travel for their necessary care.  We must also remember the synonymity between "availability" and "affordability".  People should never have to choose between bankruptcy and the critical care they need.


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